To begin doming, you’ll need the following equipment:


You’ll need a printer that can print the size and shape of flat labels you need (before the doming is applied). We highly recommend ink jet, aqueous (dye and pigment) and solvent/eco-solvent printers. Laser printers are normally unsuitable for use with Liquid Lens™ resin.

Print Media

For printing labels, we highly recommend our own self-adhesive gloss polyester media, developed for our advanced formula resin. It allows a smooth and even flow of resin as well as being vibrant and high resolution.  READ MORE


You’ll need a cutter/plotter too. Once printed and dry, the labels need to be cut to strip the excess material away. When you apply the resin, it covers two thirds of the label and then flows to the edges, stopping where you have cut, which is why you need an accurate cutter/plotter.

Starter Kit

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need an entry-level doming machine to apply the resin. These starter-kits will enable you to apply resin onto flat labels on a smaller scale than our larger machine. READ MORE

Resin Doming Machines

Doming Machine

For larger quantities of domed labels, you’ll need the Opal doming machine, which will enable you to programme your own process. With automatic or manual foot-controlled dispensing, this machine gives you complete control and accuracy. READ MORE


To make the job as easy as possible, we recommend accessories such as resin applicators, work trays, mixers, wipes, bubble remover, spirit level and repair tools. READ MORE

Polyurethane Resin

And lastly, but most importantly, you’ll need resin. The higher the quality the resin, the easier to work with and the better the results. All Liquid Lens resin is of the highest, automotive grade. READ MORE