Once you’ve created the right environment and have all the equipment you need, you’re ready to dome. Just follow these simple steps. If you are unsure about any of the process, just give our friendly team a call and we’ll provide guidance over the phone or arrange training for you.


Step 1

Position an alloy work tray on a flat level surface to keep the printed sheet of labels flat during curing of the resin. With the printed label sheet pressed firmly onto the adhesive surface, carefully remove the waste layer, leaving behind the printed images and lower release paper.

Use a low tack adhesive and press the sheet firmly on to the tray if neccessary.

The alloy work surfaces available from Liquid Lens™ measure 325 x 190mm or 450 x 330mm. Make sure that each sheet is flat on the work surface before applying the Liquid Lens™ resin.

Step 2

Load a Liquid Lens™ resin cartridge into the resin applicator. Twist the resin cartridge end cap through 90 degrees and remove including the rubber inner cap. Attach a static mixer using the same twisting procedure. To ensure correct initial mixing of a new resin cartridge always discharge the first 5ml of material to waste, this will also stop any air bubbles making their way on to the printed labels. There are various key factors to observe in order to produce successful domes with little or no wastage. Apply resin at a slow uniform speed. Always apply less resin than you actually think is necessary and always give the resin time to flow to the edge of the label. As a basic guideline apply enough resin to cover approximately two thirds of the printed surface area. Remember that after initial application wait before applying additional resin to the dome or before carrying out any repairs (removal of air bubbles, overspills, dust etc).

Step 3

Wait approximately 3 minutes after application and check the surface of each dome for trapped air bubbles. To release air bubbles “flash” the surface with heat by igniting the bubble remover (flame torch) very quickly. Do NOT expose the domed decal to excessive heat as this may cause the resin to fail. Cover the finished sheet of decals with the next work surface to protect the domes from dust contamination during the curing stage. The domes will be cured and ready for application after around 4 hours. Inside the Liquid Lens™ Quality Control Unit the resin will cure in approximately 2 hours.