Liquid Lens pours two decades of experience into every Advanced2 cartridge.

After years of reliable performance, we’re certain that our exclusive polyurethane formula is worthy of a 12-month guarantee.

Advanced2 is UV resistant, hygrophobic and proven.

When you dome with Advanced2, following our temperature and humidity guidelines, you can expect your domes to cure rapidly, with no bubbles or inconsistencies.

Your domed labels, flood-fills or extrusions will be scratch-proof, waterproof, temperature resistant and won’t fade in the sun.

The result will be labels and logos that stay as beautifully clear as the domes that protect them.

We know of no other resin manufacturer so committed to outstanding quality that they vacuum pack every single resin cartridge. But, why do we do it?

Liquid Lens understands resin. We’ve seen how other suppliers allow their product to become spoiled by moisture.

Polyurethane reacts with water, creating CO2 as a byproduct. If you’ve ever wondered why you get so many bubbles when you leave your resin to cure, moisture contamination is probably the cause.

As a first line of protection, Advanced2 is formulated to be hygrophobic – it actively repels moisture. On top of that, we enclose each cartridge in a vacuum sealed foil pack to be 100% confident that if you leave the package sealed and stored as we recommend, your Advanced2 resin will be as reliable in 12-months as it is when you receive it.

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