EU Mercury Ban Affects Thousands of Resin Doming Printers…but not if you use the desktop doming system from Liquid Lens.

On the 10th October, 2017, the EU’s new regulation no.848/2012 comes into effect, forbidding the use of five organic mercury salts commonly used as catalysts in polyurethane resin doming systems. The restriction affects thousands of businesses that currently use a particular resin for their doming – not just in terms of the materials used but also with regards to the machinery and equipment used for production.

Not all doming resins are affected

The ban doesn’t affect all doming resins, however. As global market leaders of desktop doming systems, we’ve never used the mercury resins – and nor have our customers. We’ve been selling and using mercury-free doming systems for 20 years.

Mercury-free resins offer a safer and superior finish

The new directive will affect hundreds of businesses as they will need to invest in new machines and processes that cater for the permitted resins, however, in the long run, this will actually benefit the doming industry. Mercury-free resins eliminate the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances but still have the benefits of a superior finish and high durability.

Historically, businesses have used the mercury-based resin because of the air-drying benefits however, as well as being mercury-free, Liquid Lens cartridge resins have also been designed to dry in typical room temperatures – which can also be accelerated by using one of their purpose built drying ovens.

The ban doesn’t stop there…

Whilst the October 2017 directive specifically bans five Phenyl Mercury catalysts, a new directive (852/2017) comes into effect on 1st January, 2018 that will ban all mercury catalysts for the production of polyurethane in Europe.

This legislation affects everyone from badge, sign and trophy makers to businesses in the automotive, jewellery and promotional merchandise industries. If you produce domed decals, 3D labels, gel badges, bubble badges or resin stickers and would like advise on which resins and equipment to use, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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