One of the key benefits of printed self-adhesive vinyl labels is that they can be applied easily to curved or uneven surfaces. Simply pouring on a set amount of resin creates a domed label that transforms a basic sticker into something that looks (and feels) like a moulded part.  Furthermore, because the resin is flexible, the domed labels can also be applied to curved surfaces, such as bottles, candle holders, tubular bicycle frames and more.

Needing to decorate a curved surface does not mean limiting your options for full colour printed labels. The flexible domed label is an excellent solution for many reasons. The doming resin protects the graphic from degrading because of UV light, which can dramatically extend the life of the printed film beneath.  Resin labels are a highly durable product that won’t shrink, fade or crack even when applied to curved and ridged surfaces.

Because they look great, flexible domed labels have the power to immediately engage consumers. The high-quality look and feel creates greater impact and enhances the perception of value. This means that designers and brand marketeers can exploit a whole new array of presentation possibilities, bringing brand images to life with vibrant, versatile labels that add a luxury finish.

Resin labels are flexible and durable and the base film can have a gloss or matt finish. The high build “domed” part will always be high gloss in finish and can be created in multiple heights. When applied to curved and round surfaces, the resin bends and stretches without degradation or cracking and once adhered, will stay looking good for years.

The key factor in ensuring labels are fit for purpose is the quality of the resin. With excellent viscosity and flow, our mercury-free resin cures fast, keeping waste to a minimum and accuracy to a maximum. This provides a perfectly dry, smooth and crystal-clear resin that doesn’t crack and last for years. Our Liquid Lens Advanced² formula is a high quality 2 part 1:1 ratio polyurethane resin available in various cartridge sizes to suit your production needs. Each cartridge comes vacuum sealed in a foil bag with a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months.

Liquid Lens provides a broad range of flexible domed resin label options. For more information about our broad range of products and market leading resin, please visit or email me at

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