A domed label refers to a thick, bubble-like clear polyurethane resin that is applied to printed stickers or labels, giving them a tactile, clear 3D domed finish. Domed labels are sometimes called name plates, domed stickers, gel labels, bubble labels, decals or fascia labels.

After application and drying (or curing) of the polyurethane resin, the gel label becomes hard and, provided a good quality resin has been used, extremely hard-wearing.

Domed labels have many advantages over other labels in that they can be applied to many surfaces (including curved, metal, fabric and plastic), and are scratch-proof, waterproof, extreme temperature-resistant to 80 degrees C, fade-resistant and UV resistant – making them perfect for exterior and interior use in various weathers and environments.

Who uses domed labels?

The durability of domed labels has made them attractive to many industries throughout the world, including:

  • Advertising, POP/POS Displays & Corporate Branding
  • Promotional Products/Merchandise/Business Gifts
  • Automotive
  • Awards and Trophies
  • Conferencing and Events
  • Jewellery
  • Golf Products
  • Luggage
  • Signs and Name Plates
  • Printers and Label makers

50 Uses of Domed Labels

This list covers some of the more common places you’ll find a resin domed label:

  • Promotional Products – key rings, pens, ice scrapers, luggage tags, fridge magnets
  • Electronics – wearables, gadgets, USB sticks, chargers, casings, speakers,
  • Automotive – dashboards, gear sticks, wheel trims, badges, vinyl wraps, dust boys
  • Jewellery – broaches, studs, cuff links, lapel pins
  • Retail – hangers, signage, display cabinets
  • Clothing – uniforms/workwear, belt buckles, caps, trainers, glasses
  • Beer – beer pumps, clips, barrels
  • Confectionery – gift boxes, tins, packaging
  • Awards – trophies, medals, plaques
  • ID – badges, lanyards, buttons Sports – golf clubs, ball markers, gloves, bicycles, exercise equipment, bags, trolleys,
  • Medical – first aid kits, X-ray machines, diagnostic equipment

If you’d like to know more about the process of applying domed labels, this article covers resin application in detail: How to Apply a Resin Domed Label: The 7 Step Process

Alternatively, you can call the experts at Liquid Lens, who have been the leaders in resin doming for 20 years and are always happy to answer questions.

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