Make 3D Plates in Minutes

If you’re a registered plate maker, you’ll know that gel plates are a growing market but making them can be time-consuming. With Liquid Lens, you can cut the time, eliminate the skill requirement and consistently produce high quality results for your customers.

Peel. Stick. Done. Our powerful adhesive is road-ready in minutes.

Speed means lower labour costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Your deep black characters will comply with the law every time.

Achieve compliant spacing with zero effort using our alignment jig.

Market-Leading Quality

3D gel plates may be new, but Liquid Lens has been a leading expert in polyurethane resin for many years. Your characters will be consistently high-quality, from the adhesive, label and resin used to our precise production and curing process. Your customers won’t find better from any competitor.

Get Compliant Spacing and Even Faster Production

Use our 3D Alignment Jig to ensure that your characters are legally spaced – without any measuring or marking up.

Your plates will be compliant with BS AU 145d and BS AU 145e when it comes into force.

How it works

See how you could easily make compliant 3D plates with this simple tool.

Pick Your Parts
Don’t measure anything, just pick the characters, spacers and negatives that you need.

Make Your Jig
Don’t worry about aligning with marks, just place the pieces in order – it takes seconds.

Stick Your Characters
Place each character where it belongs, with a bit of pressure. That’s all. You can’t go wrong.

Your pre-made characters have already saved you hours of labour. Now anyone on your team can use this simple alignment jig and you can be sure of a legal result.

3D Gel Characters (Made by us)

Perfect for busy plate makers who want to slash production time.

  • Fully compliant
  • Best quality available
  • Optional 3D alignment jig

From 65p per character. 25-piece MOQ per character. 35 characters available.

In-House Production (Make your own)

Ideal for strategic plate makers who want the lowest cost per character.

  • Tailored training
  • Support and after-care
  • Includes everything you need

Have your own production capability, including cutting, resin dispensing and curing. Our Label System for Gel Characters is designed for making batches of approximately 150 characters at a time.

Get Ahead of the Pack

Be the first in your market to slash your production costs and boost your margins. Join our mailing list and make sure you don’t miss out when we make this amazing system available to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 3D Gel Plates Legal?

Yes, plates with 3D characters are legal, providing that all the usual requirements of non-3D plates are met.

Are Your Characters Legal?

Yes, the key compliance factors of BS AU 145d are the font and spacing. Liquid Lens characters use the prescribed font for 79mm characters, and our alignment jig ensures correct spacing.

Will Your Characters Comply with the New Legislation?

Yes, we’re working with independent experts to ensure that our font matches BS AU 145e, and your solid black characters will provide the required contrast against your reflective plates.

You may have heard that BS AU 145e no longer allows 3D characters. This is misleading because the standard actually excludes printed fonts in a 3D style – and any other two-tone printed effect.

Raised characters are not prohibited.