Resin Cartridges – Advanced2

With excellent viscosity and flow, our mercury-free resin cures fast, keeping waste to a minimum and accuracy to a maximum, leaving you with a perfectly dry, smooth and crystal-clear resin, whether you air-dry or accelerate curing in one of our purpose-built ovens.

Our Liquid Lens Advanced² formula is a high quality 2 part 1:1 ratio polyurethane resin available in various cartridge sizes to suit your production needs. Each cartridge will arrive vacuum sealed in a foil bag with a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months.

We fill each cartridge fresh and can normally dispatch within 2 days of receiving your order. We also hold a limited amount of stock for fast dispatch.

Available Sizes
50ml - Pack of 12 + 12 Mixers
75ml - Pack of 12 + 12 Mixers
200ml - Pack of 6 + 6 Mixers
400ml - Pack of 6 + 6 Mixers
Shelf Life
Vacuum Sealed Foil Bag