Shortly after 1998, when our Managing Director, Steve Hastie, began supplying resin to what was a small doming market, he noticed a problem.

Domed labels were proving to be far more noticeable, memorable and durable than flat stickers, but businesses needed easier, faster and more cost-effective ways to source or produce them.

Steve began by addressing the need for higher quality domed labels, sourced from a reliable manufacturer, then went on to create innovative machines, equipment and training to help those who needed to produce their labels in-house.

Today, Liquid Lens produces over 100,000 full-colour, domed labels every single week from our UK manufacturing facility. We dispatch print media, machinery and resin cartridges worldwide, and we provide industry-leading doming systems to national and global brands.

We buy 68% of all cartridges sold, and produce the only cartridge resin with a 12-month shelf-life guarantee, which makes us the industry’s largest supplier of cartridge resin and your best source for reliable, high-quality doming resin.

There’s an opportunity in domed labels for manufacturers, promotional agencies and any product business with the desire to stand out, express quality and be remembered.

Liquid Lens has the breadth of products and depth of experience to help you create your ideal sourcing or production solution.

If you’re interested in our products, contact us today for prices and free advice.