Imagine the Possibilities

Liquid Lens has evolved mosaic. Unleash your creativity by combining images of any kind with tiles of any shape to produce unique and engaging focal points.

Any Image
Choose or design any image, including photographs, logos, illustrations, and vector drawings. If it’s digital, you can use it.

Any Shape
You control the shape of each tile. Complement your image with any pattern or use the tiles themselves as your medium.

Precise Colour-Matching
Achieve perfect Pantone and CMYK for brand colour accuracy, interior design coordination and matching production sets.

Easy to Tile
Affixed to a mesh, Digital Mosaics can be tiled in the same way as ceramics, using the same glues and grouts.

A Fresh Idea from Proven Technology

With a Digital Mosaic system from Liquid Lens, you can create a new and unusual product using robust and reliable technology.

We’ll show you how to use UV Inkjet to print your designs onto our optimised media. You’ll learn how to cut your shapes quickly, no matter how complex. We’ll teach you how to apply our custom polyurethane resin and cure it to achieve a bright, tough finish for your tiles.

We provide all of the equipment, materials, training and support. Just add your imagination.

Explore the Creative Potential

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